Stow House (Rancho La Patera) and Goleta Depot

Adjacent to the Lake Los Carneros Natural Preserve, Stow House and the Goleta Depot are fun destinations for those interested in local history or trains. A U.S. historical landmark, the Stow House was built in 1873 by Sherman Stow, son of an attorney for Southern Pacific Railroad on the property known as Rancho La Patera. Shortly thereafter, the Stows planted the first commercial lemon orchard in California. Tours of the house museum are available on weekends and by appointment. It is also very pleasant and interesting to walk around the grounds any day during daylight hours, and engage in birdwatching, picnicking or relaxing. Events, including free concerts, are periodically hosted on the grounds of Stow House.

Built in 1901, the Goleta Train Depot is the original Southern Pacific Railroad “Combination Station”, which was moved from its original location to its current location to protect and preserve it. Among other features, the train station now contains a great model train and diorama. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and part of the South Coast Railroad Museum.



300 North Los Carneros Road

Managed By

City of Goleta with the Goleta Historic Society and South Coast Railroad Museum

Distance from UCSB

2.8 miles (walking)

How To Get There

Walk, Bike, Drive, Bus (but does not get you all the way there)

Things To Do

Birdwatching, Historic/Cultural Interest, Other Recreational Activities, Picnicking, Relaxing, Walking

Fun Facts

The Goleta Train Depot has a wonderful history that is well described in an excellent edhat article. Some claim the station is haunted.

Other Information

Many interesting birds can be found on the Stow House and Goleta Depot grounds. The Birds of Lake Los Carneros, written by Roger Millikan and Adam Lewis is a wonderful resource.

Nearby Public Lands Worth Visiting

Lake Los Carneros Natural Preserve, which is one of the Great Destinations on this website, is directly to the east of Stow House and the Goleta Depot grounds.

Best Time To Visit

All Year

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