Camino Corto Open Space

Featuring vernal pools, restored native plants and quiet beauty, Camino Corto is a great natural open space to explore in Isla Vista. Over 20 acres in size, there are trails, educational/interpretive signs, and opportunities to see many species of birds including Great Blue Herons, Great Horned Owls and White-tailed Kites.

Offering tree-filled, cooling shade adjacent to Camino Corto Creek together with sun drenched open fields, Camino Corto can be enjoyed throughout the year.



West of Camino Corto between Estero Rd and El Colegio Rd, Isla Vista

Managed By

Isla Vista Recreation and Park District

Website(s)  (under Natural Open Spaces)

Distance from UCSB

1.8 mi (walking)

How To Get There

Walk, Bike, Drive, Bus

Things To Do

Birdwatching, Hiking, Relaxing, Running, Viewing (mountains), Walking, Watchable Wildlife

Fun Facts

Part of an important wildlife corridor consisting of a series of semi-contiguous open spaces along the coastal mesa, Camino Corto is especially valuable because it contains vernal pools. What are vernal pools? They are seasonal (winter to spring), shallow water bodies, ranging from puddles to small lakes, which collect winter and spring rain. Under the pools are a layer of hard clay or bedrock.

Not so fun fact: more than 90% of California’s vernal pools have been eliminated, so protecting vernal pool habitat is very important to many species.

Other Information

There is a helpful website with photos of the species at Camino Corto as well as other information.

Nearby Public Lands Worth Visiting

Just to the east of the Open Space (across Camino Corto) is Del Sol Vernal Pool Reserve, which also contains vernal pools, native plants, interpretive signs and nature trails.

Best Time To Visit

All Year (in the summer, the shaded areas are preferable)

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