Tierra De Fortuna Park (also called Dinosaur Park)

Tierra De Fortuna Park is a delightful, community play and picnic park with great views of the Santa Ynez mountains. Featuring a vine-covered gazebo, a large climbing dinosaur, a whirl-go-round, picnic tables and a play lawn, this park brings out the fun in all of us.



At the western end of Fortuna Rd past Camino Lindo, Isla Vista

Managed By

Isla Vista Recreation and Park District

Distance from UCSB

1.6 mi

How To Get There

Walk, Bike, Drive, Bus (but bus does not get you all the way)

Things To Do

Picnicking, Playground/swings, Playing on Grass Activities, Relaxing, Studying/reading, Viewing (mountains), Walking

Other Information

When I asked one of my former UCSB students, who serves on the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District Commission, to list his two favorite IV parks, he named Tierra De Fortuna Park as one of them. This is a popular place for students to get outside and study.

Best Time To Visit

All Year

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